Lexington Car Accident Statistics

Lexington, KY, experiences about 16,000 traffic collisions every year. Of these, most do not cause any injuries. But about 2,000 people get injured, and about 30 die in car accidents in Lexington each year.

Lexington’s police department keeps detailed traffic accident statistics. These statistics tell the complete story about who gets into traffic accidents, how these accidents happen, and what happens in these accidents.

Here is a summary of Lexington car accident statistics for 2020.

Nationwide Car Accident Statistics for 2020

2020 was an unusual traffic year. Across the nation, traffic was down over 13% due to:

  • Pandemic lockdowns
  • Shifts to remote work
  • Shutdowns of the travel industry

Fewer cars on the roads meant fewer car accidents. Kentucky saw the number of accidents drop by nearly 24% in 2020.

At the same time, traffic fatalities jumped. Analysts have given several reasons for these conflicting statistics:

  • Less traffic meant more speeding
  • Alcohol use increased during the pandemic
  • Regulators suspended rules limiting the number of hours truckers could drive

Researchers suspect a combination of these factors caused the increase in traffic deaths, despite a drop in traffic.

Overall Car Accident Statistics for Kentucky in 2020

Overall Car Accident Statistics for Kentucky in 2020

Like the rest of the country, Kentucky saw an increase in the number of fatalities in 2020. Kentucky saw 704 fatal accidents in 2020 that resulted in 780 deaths. 

Compared to 2019, the number of fatal crashes went up by 6.6%, while the total number of crashes went down by 23.9%.

Kentucky faced 19,322 crashes that caused injuries. These crashes injured 28,421 drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. The number of injuries dropped 13% compared to 2019. This means that crashes became much deadlier in 2020, with many crashes resulting in death, rather than injury.

The remaining 80,761 accidents in Kentucky only caused property damage. Compared to 2019, the number of damage-only crashes dropped by 26.1%.

Across the state, 4,978 collisions involved alcohol. These collisions caused 153 deaths and 1,645 injuries. Drunk driving crashes increased by 1.1% from 2019.

The top reason for car crashes in Kentucky was driver inattention. Over 35% of car crashes in 2020 were caused by inattentive drivers. These distracted driving accidents caused 125 deaths.

Lexington Car Accident Statistics in 2020

As expected, the total number of Lexington car accidents dropped in 2020. Lexington saw 13,089 car collisions in 2020. This represented a drop of 20% compared to 2019.

Lexington also experienced the expected bump in fatal car accidents. The 27 fatal car accidents in Lexington were 8% greater than 2019’s number.

Like the rest of Kentucky, the number of injury accidents and damage-only accidents dropped in 2020. Lexington saw 1,787 injury-only accidents — down 13.7% — and 11,301 damage-only accidents — down 21%.

Causes of Accidents in Lexington

Of these accidents, alcohol played a role in 441 crashes. This represented an increase of 2.8% compared to 2019.

Lexington police identified driver inattention as the most common cause of traffic accidents in 2020. Inattentive driving caused 20% of all accidents in the city. Distracted driving caused another 6% of accidents. This made inattention and distraction responsible for over 3,400 traffic accidents in Lexington.

The second leading cause of accidents in Lexington was drivers who were not in proper control of their vehicles. This vague code used by Lexington police includes speeding, reckless driving, and cutting off other drivers. Over 15% of Lexington car accidents resulted from a lack of proper vehicle control.

The third most common cause of accidents in Lexington was a failure to yield. This included drivers who ran stop signs or traffic signals, turned into oncoming traffic, or failed to yield at pedestrian crossings. Lexington police blamed 14% of accidents on a failure to yield.

Most Dangerous Times to Drive in Lexington

The most dangerous time to drive in Lexington was around rush hour. About 20% of all accidents happened between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. The most dangerous day of the week was Thursday. Over 21% of all accidents in Lexington happened on a Thursday.

2020’s unusual circumstances become obvious when you look at the months with the most accidents. In a normal year, May and October have the most accidents. These months tend to have more cloudy and rainy day accidents than other months.

But in 2020, lockdowns spanning March, April, and May depressed the number of accidents in those months. As a result, the most dangerous months to drive in Lexington in 2020 were October and February. 

How Accidents Happened in Lexington in 2020

In 2020, rear-end collisions were the most common type of accident. Rear-end collisions almost always happen due to driver behaviors like tailgating, speeding, and aggressive lane changes.

The second-most common type of accident was a single-vehicle accident. These accidents include collisions with:

  • Parked cars
  • Obstacles like trees
  • Road barriers

The third most common type of accident included angle collisions. An angle collision includes all those collisions other than head-on, rear-end, left turn, or sideswipe collisions. 

These collisions often happen when someone makes a right turn into traffic or fails to yield at a traffic signal.

Where Accidents Happened in Lexington in 2020

Accidents in Lexington usually happen on the most heavily traveled roads and highways. New Circle Road/SR-4 saw six fatal accidents and dozens of injury-only accidents.

Man O War Boulevard only had one fatality but several hundred injury-only accidents. The section of Man O War Boulevard between Crosby Drive and Tates Creek Road was particularly dangerous. The intersection between Man O War Boulevard and Nicholasville Road/US-27 is one of Lexington’s most dangerous intersections.

The intersection between Nicholasville Road/US-27 and Reynolds Road is another dangerous intersection. While it did not see any fatalities in 2020, this intersection averaged four injury-only accidents per month.

Lessons to Learn from Lexington Car Accident Statistics

Even with the unusual situation in 2020, patterns in Lexington’s car accident statistics emerge. Accidents in Lexington tend to result from correctable driver behaviors.

Slowing down and leaving more space between you and other cars can help you maintain control of your vehicle. Exercising extra care when driving in rainy, cloudy, or icy conditions can also help you avoid an accident. Avoiding rush hour traffic can reduce your risk of an accident, too. To discuss your car accident in Lexington, contact the experienced team at Minner Vines Moncus Injury Lawyers at If you or a family member were injured in a Lexington car accident and need help, call Minner Vines Moncus Injury Lawyers at (859) 550-2900 for a free consultation and case review.