Lexington Crosswalk Accident LawyerCrosswalk accidents are a common form of pedestrian accidents. When a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle, the results are devastating for the pedestrian. Generally, crosswalk accidents result in severe injuries and wrongful deaths for the people hit by a car.

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How Minner Vines Injury Lawyers, PLLC Can Help if You’ve Been Involved in a Crosswalk Accident in Lexington

How Minner Vines Injury Lawyers, PLLC Can Help if You’ve Been Involved in a Crosswalk Accident in Lexington

Pedestrian accidents continue to rise in the United States. According to the latest report from GHSA, 7,508 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in 2022. That is the highest number of pedestrian deaths since 1981.

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When you hire our award-winning Lexington personal injury lawyers, we handle all aspects of your case, including:

  • Investigate the cause of the crosswalk accident to determine who caused the collision
  • Identify all parties who could be potentially liable for your injuries and pursue claims against them
  • Gather evidence proving the driver caused the accident, including working with leading expert witnesses as necessary
  • Carefully document and analyze your damages to determine how much your case is worth
  • Verify insurance coverage and handle all matters related to the insurance claim
  • Negotiate a fair settlement based on an accurate accounting of your losses, damages, and harm
  • File a lawsuit and argue your case in court if necessary

You can trust we give your case our utmost attention. Our lawyers tailor a strategy for your case based on the facts and circumstances. The goal is to obtain the maximum amount for you.

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What Are the Pedestrian Right of Way Laws for Crosswalks in Kentucky?

Kentucky Revised Statue §189.570(4) states that without a traffic control signal in operation, a driver shall yield the right of way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway. Drivers must also yield the right of way to pedestrians on a sidewalk and within a marked crosswalk.

However, pedestrians are also required to yield the right of way to a motorist in certain situations. Pedestrians yield the right of way when there is a designed overhead pedestrian crossing or tunnel. They also yield the right of way when crossing the road at any point other than an intersection or within a marked crosswalk.

Determining who had the right of way in a pedestrian accident is crucial. The person who caused the crosswalk accident could be held liable for the damages caused by the accident.

Common Causes of Crosswalk Accidents in Lexington, KY

Crosswalk accidents happen for many reasons. Most of the reasons can be traced to someone’s negligence. Common causes for crosswalk accidents include:

  • Distracted driving and distracted walking
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Defective or dangerously designed intersections and crosswalks
  • Impaired driving and walking while intoxicated
  • Aggressive driving and road wage
  • Drowsy and fatigued driving
  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • Malfunctioning traffic lights and/or pedestrian signals

Other factors could contribute to the cause of a Lexington crosswalk accident. Our pedestrian accident attorneys at Minner Vines Injury Lawyers, PLLC diligently pursue all evidence to determine who is responsible for causing your crosswalk accident.

Pedestrian Accidents in Lexington Cause Traumatic Injuries and Wrongful Deaths

Kentucky personal injury attorney Carl W. Walter IIFrom 2010 to 2021, there has been a 77% increase in the number of pedestrian deaths compared to a 25% increase in all other traffic deaths. Additionally, thousands of people are injured each year in pedestrian accidents.

When a car strikes a pedestrian in a crosswalk, the pedestrian can suffer life-threatening and catastrophic injuries. The person has no protection from the vehicle strike, so their body absorbs the entire impact.

Common injuries caused by crosswalk accidents include:

Immediate medical treatment is required when a pedestrian is hit by a car in a crosswalk. Prompt medical treatment can improve the chances of recovery. It also provides critical evidence for a crosswalk accident case – it helps link the crosswalk accident to the person’s injuries.

What Types of Damages Can I Receive for a Crosswalk Accident in Lexington, KY?

The compensation you receive for a crosswalk accident claim depends on the factors of your case. Generally, the value of damages increases as the severity of injuries increases. Likewise, sustaining a disabling condition or impairment can increase how much your case is worth.

Injured victims in Kentucky can recover compensatory damages for a crosswalk accident. These damages include economic and non-economic damages. Examples of damages in a crosswalk accident case include:

  • Current medical bills
  • Diminished quality of life
  • The cost of future medical treatment and care
  • Rehabilitative therapy, including physical and occupational therapy
  • The loss of income and benefits
  • Emotional distress and mental anguish
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Long-term skilled care
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Future lost wages and decreased earning capacity

Our legal team works with you, your doctors, and experts to document the severity and extent of your damages. We calculate the maximum value for your claim and fight to obtain that amount for you.

How Does Contributory Fault Apply in a Crosswalk Accident Case in Lexington, KY?

Kentucky has a pure comparative fault statute. It states that the injured party’s share of fault reduces the at-fault party’s liability. In other words, if you are partially to blame for causing the crosswalk accident, the driver is not responsible for the full amount of your damages.

For instance, suppose a jury awards you $500,000 for a crosswalk accident lawsuit. However, the defense claims contributory fault as part of the defense.

The jurors review the evidence and decide you were 20% at fault for causing the crosswalk accident. In this scenario, you would receive 80% of the damages awarded or $400,000.

Insurance adjusters might ask you to provide a recorded statement. They may ask questions about the accident and what you did during the day before the accident. You are not obligated to answer questions or provide a statement, and it is not in your best interest to do so without legal counsel.

Insurance companies use contributory fault to undervalue personal injury claims. The adjuster is searching for information the company could use to shift some or all of the blame for the pedestrian accident to you.

Therefore, allow us to handle all communications with the insurance company for you. It is less stressful for you and prevents an insurance adjuster from trying to trick you into saying something the company can misconstrue to imply fault for the accident.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Crosswalk Accidents in Kentucky?

Most personal injury claims have a one-year deadline for filing a lawsuit in Kentucky. The court can dismiss your case if you do not file your lawsuit before the deadline.

However, car accidents generally have a two-year statute of limitations for lawsuits. There are exceptions to the general rules as well. Therefore, talk with our Lexington crosswalk accident attorneys at Minner Vines Injury Lawyers, PLLC as soon as possible to avoid losing your right to file a lawsuit for your injuries and damages.

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