Nursing Home Abuse Statistics in Lexington, KYNursing home abuse is one of the most egregious betrayals that you can experience. When you entrust a nursing home with your care or that of a loved one, you expect its staff members to live up to the highest standard. When they abuse or neglect residents, they do exactly the opposite of what they were paid for.

The results of neglect and abuse can include physical injuries, mental distress, and even death. Fortunately, victims of nursing home abuse and their loved ones can pursue compensation for the losses they suffer at the hands of the nursing home staff.

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How Often Does Nursing Home Abuse Happen?

No one knows exactly how much abuse and neglect nursing home residents endure. Nursing home residents are often unable to report poor or abusive living conditions due to health problems. And even when they do report misconduct by staff members, family members and administrators might not believe them.

Also, nursing home residents might not want to report abuse. They may fear retribution from the staff for reporting problems. They may feel ashamed, particularly if the abuse was related to the resident’s physical limitations, such as incontinence.

Instead of using reports from victims, researchers have started asking staff members about abuse or neglect they committed or witnessed. A study by the World Health Organization reported that two-thirds of staff members reported that they had abused institutional residents in the past year.

And a survey of nursing assistants in the U.S. gave even more troubling statistics. Over 80% of nursing assistants across 31 facilities reported that they had witnessed some form of psychological abuse against residents over the past year.

These acts included:

  • Yelling or cursing at residents
  • Isolating residents from other residents
  • Denying visits from family members
  • Threatening residents with bodily harm
  • Withholding food or water from residents

Another 36% of nursing assistants had witnessed some form of physical abuse, such as unwarranted use of restraints or hitting residents.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Statistics in Lexington

Kentucky has over 20,000 seniors in nursing homes. Although nursing homes are subject to regulation by the Commonwealth, its agencies do not publicly report statistics about abuse. Instead, they only announce the results of investigations that find evidence to support accusations of abuse or neglect.

Lexington is second only to Louisville in its number of nursing home facilities.

Lexington has 14 licensed residential facilities, including:

  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living centers
  • Rehabilitation facilities

In total, these facilities hold licenses to house up to 1,411 residents. The largest facility has 164 beds, and the smallest only houses 34 residents.

Neither Kentucky nor Lexington releases statistics about nursing home abuse. But drawing from the studies described previously, you can infer some nursing home abuse statistics in Lexington, KY, including:

  • As many as 1,140 residents have been subjected to yelling, cursing, or insults
  • Up to 507 residents may have been hit, pushed, grabbed, or restrained
  • Staff members may have denied food to up to 125 residents

These statistics do not account for three other types of elder abuse. Statistics about these types of abuse are even more difficult to compile.

Nursing home neglect happens when a nursing home fails to meet a resident’s needs. In most cases, this happens due to poor training, a lack of resources, or a failure to communicate with residents. The effects of neglect on residents could range from bedsores to failing to take necessary medications.

Financial abuse occurs when a home or its staff overcharges or steals from residents. This form of abuse could include petty theft of the resident’s belongings to embezzlement of the resident’s entire life savings.

Sexual abuse happens when staff members engage in unwanted or inappropriate sexual behavior. This type of abuse often causes mental and physical trauma.

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