The COVID-19 pandemic impacted our lives in numerous unexpected ways. A surprising consequence of the pandemic was an increase in street racing across the United States. Cities across the country have seen a surge in illegal street races as traffic decreased because of shutdowns.

Even before the pandemic, illegal street racing in Lexington was a problem. Street racers put everyone on the road in danger, including other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Street Racing is Illegal in Kentucky

Kentucky Revised Statute §189.505 prohibits motor vehicle racing, drag racing, and other forms of competition involving motor vehicles upon a highway or street. In addition to being illegal, street racing could result in a civil action. Street racers who cause car accidents can be held liable for damages caused by the crash.

Some of the reasons why street racing is dangerous include:


As the speed of a vehicle increases, the risk of a car accident grows. Likewise, high rates of speed increase the risk of catastrophic injuries in a crash. Vehicles in street races often exceed speeds of 100 mph on narrow city streets.

Running Red Lights and Stop Signs

Street racers often ignore traffic signs and traffic lights. Therefore, they put other vehicles at intersections in danger of a crash. Intersection crashes can result in head-on collisions and side-impact crashes; both can result in life-threatening injuries, traumatic injuries, and permanent impairments.


Alcohol is a common factor in street racing. Drivers and spectators are often under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Impaired driving increases the risk of crashes. Bystanders under the influence of alcohol may also take risks as they participate in the street race.

Rollover Accidents

Speeding vehicles are more likely to roll over if they hit a curb or crash into another vehicle. Rollover accidents have a high risk of death.

Fights and Other Violence

Road rage and anger over losing a race can cause fights and other violence. Drivers and bystanders may have guns and other weapons. The mix of alcohol, adrenaline, speed, and rage can be a deadly combination.

How Dangerous is Street Racing?

Street racing impacts drivers, bystanders, and innocent victims.

Street racing crashes can cause:

If you are injured because of a street race, seek medical attention for your injuries. Report the incident to the police as soon as possible. Follow up with law enforcement officials to determine if they identified the drivers involved in the crash.

A car accident lawyer can help you pursue a claim against the driver or drivers who caused your injuries.

What Happens if Someone is Caught Street Racing in Lexington?

If you are arrested for street racing in Lexington, you can be charged with a crime. Your car can be impounded and seized by law enforcement. In some cases, your driver’s license could be revoked, and you could face other criminal penalties.

When a street racer causes a car accident, the driver could be charged with other crimes, including homicide or manslaughter in the event of a fatality.

A driver could also be responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in a personal injury case or wrongful death action. The victims may sue the driver for damages caused by the street racing accident.

Damages included in a street racing claim include:

  • Medical expenses and bills
  • Cost of personal care
  • Loss of income and benefits
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disabilities and impairments
  • Emotional and mental trauma
  • Loss of enjoyment of life and decrease in quality of life

The value of your personal injury claim depends on the severity of your injuries and other factors. A personal injury attorney works with you and your physicians to document your injuries and damages. Your lawyer gathers evidence and fights for the maximum compensation available for your claim.

Contact a Lexington Car Accident Law Firm for Help After A Street Racing Accident

Street racers deserve to be held liable for their reckless, negligent actions. There is no excuse for putting the lives of innocent victims in danger to drag race on Lexington roads and streets.

A criminal case is separate from a civil case. Do not assume that you will receive compensation if the street racer is arrested and convicted of a crime. You need to file a separate action in civil court to recover compensation for your injuries, financial losses, and other damages.

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