About 4.5 million people in the U.S. are victims of dog attacks annually. Among these, about half of them are children.

Because dog bites and dog-related incidents are so common, Kentucky has certain dog leash laws in place. These laws aim to help lessen the occurrence of dog attacks and harm to innocent victims.

What Are the Leash Laws in Kentucky?

Like every other state, Kentucky has specific laws regarding dogs and keeping them leashed or confined. Dogs and other pets can pose a risk to others; therefore, by law, they must be restrained under most circumstances.

The following are some key details in Kentucky’s leash laws.

Dogs Must Be Restrained at All Times

In Kentucky, a dog must be restrained at all times. It is illegal for dogs to roam freely. “Restrained” does not necessarily mean on a leash. If you’re out walking your dog around your neighborhood, the dog must be leashed. However, if the dog is contained behind a fence, where it cannot harm passersby, this would satisfy the law.

Along with being leashed, dogs must also always wear their current license and rabies tag.

Dogs Cannot Be Running at Large

A dog is considered “running at large” when they are unrestrained and not under the control of their owner.

When a dog is found running at large and unaccompanied, animal control may be called to pick up the dog. If the dog is running at large but accompanied by an owner or caretaker, the individual may face fines between $50 and $500, depending on the number of prior offenses.

Female Dogs in Heat Must Be Confined

The law also provides information regarding female dogs in heat. According to Kentucky law, every female dog in heat must be confined in such a manner that it cannot come in contact with a male dog. The only exception to the law is planned breeding.

With the overpopulation of dogs in Lexington, this law helps control the pet population.

Can a Dog Roam on Private Property?

While dogs must be confined at all times, they are legally allowed to roam on their owner or caretaker’s private property.

If a dog is roaming around the property, there must either be fencing or the dog must be under the owner or caretaker’s supervision at all times. A dog cannot roam around freely if there is no enclosure or supervision of any type.

Can a Dog Run Freely at a Dog Park?

Dogs cannot run freely at just any public park. However, there are designated dog parks in many cities. Only at these dog parks can dogs run off-leash within the designated areas.

Why Are Dog Leash Laws So Important?

While many pet owners may see Kentucky’s dog laws as unfair, there is an important reason they exist.

Dogs can be dangerous. When dogs are allowed to be free without restraint, they pose a risk to others around them. This is especially true when a dog is larger or particularly territorial or aggressive.

Kentucky’s leash laws try to prevent dog bites and other dog-related accidents. When a dog owner breaks the law, they not only face legal repercussions but also potentially leave themselves open to liability if their dog attacks another person.

If You’ve Suffered a Dog Bite, a Skilled Lexington Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

While Kentucky leash laws try to prevent dog attacks, they can still happen, especially when owners and caretakers are negligent. If you’ve suffered injury from a dog bite, do not hesitate to discuss your case with an experienced Lexington personal injury attorney. You may have a valid claim for financial compensation.

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