If you’re involved in a car accident, you can quickly become bogged down with medical bills and lost wages. If the collision was caused by someone else, you may be able to recover compensation to help cover these unexpected costs.

An experienced car accident lawyer can help. Your attorney can guide you through the personal injury claim process and fight for the compensation you deserve. Let’s look in more detail at what an experienced Lexington car accident lawyer can do to help you.

Explain the Personal Injury Claim Process

Your attorney will provide an overview of the personal injury claim process. They’ll explain your legal rights and your options for moving forward. The laws and procedures around car accident claims vary in different areas, but hiring a knowledgeable Lexington personal injury lawyer will ensure that you get information that’s relevant to your case.

In addition, a car accident attorney will explain what you should and shouldn’t say when speaking to the insurance providers. This can help you avoid making any statements that might harm your case.

Offer Honest Legal Advice

An experienced car accident lawyer will also offer legal advice and develop a case strategy with you. This will help you make informed decisions throughout the claims process.

While your attorney may offer advice about different courses of action, only you can decide whether to accept a settlement offer.

That being said, your attorney will have years of training and experience that you can benefit from in taking their advice. Take advantage of their expertise to make the decision that’s right for you in your case.

Gather Evidence for Your Claim

Your attorney will gather evidence to support your claim. This may include proof of how the accident occurred, who was at fault, what injuries and losses you sustained, and how those injuries will impact you in the future.

This evidence may be in the form of documentation, expert witness testimony, police reports, and more.

Negotiate a Settlement on Your Behalf

Car accident claims are often resolved through a settlement between the injured party and the at-fault party’s insurance company. When you hire an attorney, they will handle all communications with the insurance provider on your behalf.

If you are not represented by a Lexington personal injury attorney, you’ll have to handle these negotiations on your own. The insurance company may try to pressure you into accepting a settlement that is less than your full amount of damages.

A knowledgeable lawyer will prevent you from undue pressure from the insurance company and advocate for you throughout the negotiation process.

Take Your Case to Court If Necessary

Not every car accident case will be resolved through a settlement. If you aren’t satisfied with the insurance company’s offer, your attorney may suggest that you file a lawsuit against the at-fault party.

When your attorney files a lawsuit, they will file the required documents in court, track down witnesses to support your story, and vigorously represent you in the courtroom.

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