Two former employees have been charged for an incident that occurred at a Minnesota nursing home in May. The teenage girls allegedly taunted and abused a patient suffering from dementia. The following day, a maintenance supervisor discovered the abuse while reviewing footage for something else from the surveillance camera system in the facility.

According to a report, the elderly woman sat on a couch in the lounge, enduring inappropriate and humiliating treatment by the two employees for around thirty minutes.

One of the teenage girls allegedly danced provocatively, thrusting her hips and twerking in front of the resident. This occurred multiple times during the thirty-minute period. Additionally, she lifted her shirt in front of the patient, exposing her lower back and bra.

One of the teenagers also sat on the patient’s lap, bouncing up and down. At one point, one employee pointed her cell phone at the woman while the other kissed the elderly patient on the lips. They both laughed afterward. Surveillance footage also shows the girls shooting foam balls with a toy gun, hitting the resident in the head.

Response from the Facility

A report from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) states substantial evidence of emotional abuse exists. A reasonable person would find the treatment of the elderly patient humiliating, derogatory, or harassing. 

The CEO of the nursing home reported to a local media outlet that this was an isolated incident. She explained that applicants go through a vetting process, and all new employees must complete training. They also have to comply with the facility’s procedures and policies and attend ongoing training programs.

After management reviewed the available video footage, they terminated the two employees. The girls had worked at the facility for under a year.

Penalty for the Alleged Abusers

The Assistant Attorney for Lac qui Parle County said she charged the two teenagers as juveniles since they are both under 18 years old. They face charges of abuse of a vulnerable adult, which is a gross misdemeanor.

One of the teenagers recently appeared in court and admitted to the charges. However, she did not seem remorseful and refused to be forthcoming about the details of the incident.

The defendants don’t face time in a detention center. However, they might receive probation or a community service order.

Unfortunately, the victim has passed away since the incident but not due to the abuse.

Nursing Home Abuse in Kentucky

Nursing home abuse is prevalent in the United States. Statistics show around five million older adults become victims of abuse each year. Patients often suffer from physical disabilities or mental impairments, preventing them from defending themselves during an attack. Staff members take advantage of a resident’s vulnerability, causing severe injuries and even death.

According to a study, Kentucky ranked 28 out of the states with the best elder abuse protections. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough resources available to older adults to keep them safe in long-term care facilities in this state.

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