Harrodsburg (October 3, 2019) – A fire broke out in the field near the intersection of U.S. 68 and Chinn Lane on Thursday. The fire threatened homes in the area and smoke made visibility poor, causing U.S. 68 to be closed for hours. However, no injuries were reported in the incident.

According to the report, a combine harvester was believed to have exploded, causing a soy field to catch on fire. A field across U.S. 66 also sustained fire damage, but no structures were damaged. Crews from Mercer Fire Department, in cooperation with the fire departments of other counties, responded to the scene. The highway has since been reported to have reopened.

Fires can vary in degree of danger. Brush fires can spread fast especially during dry season, especially when there are windy conditions. These types of fire can cover large areas and also affect structures. In house fires, it depends on the layout of the structure affected or the materials used in the building. All that said, the most important thing to remember when one is in a fire is to get out of a site of a fire as quickly as possible.

Aside from burns, fires can also lead to smoke inhalation, and crush injuries if a structure collapses on top of a victim. We ask people to be aware of what to do in a fire, and educate especially vulnerable people such as children and the elderly. Knowledge that can help in case of a fire is first aid, operation of a fire extinguisher, and learning the best way to get out of a burning building.

However, it is still best to prevent fire injuries in the first place. Always be wary while using fire in outdoor areas and remember to extinguish fire after use. As for house fires, the top two causes are cooking equipment or electrical malfunction. Knowing these risks, homeowner should make sure that their residence is protected from the dangers of fire. Cooking equipment should always be used with caution and never left unsupervised.

As for electrical problems, it is best to make sure that all outlets are in proper working condition and that devices especially are not left charging for too long. These safety reminders can save not only your life, but the lives of other people around you.

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