Louisville (October 6, 2019) – A man was killed after getting struck by a vehicle at the 10000 block of Barricks Road on Sunday morning. The victim, identified as David Bernard Jones, was pronounced dead on the scene. The cause of the death is yet to be released by the coroner’s office. Police also found another man who had a non-life-threatening stab wound in the area.

According to the report by the Louisville Metro Police Police Department, officials were initially called onto the scene with reports of a stabbing and a man getting struck by a vehicle. The LMPD Homicide Unit determined that the stabbing victim was approached by Jones and stabbed him with as of yet unknown reasons.

A relative of the stabbing victim then accidentally hit Jones while trying to help the stabbing victim. The incident remains under investigation.

About Car Accidents

We offer our sympathies and compassion to the friends and loved ones of the victims. Unfortunately, this is not the only time a car accident has resulted in deaths of injuries. Kentucky has been ranked as the 11th most dangerous state for car accidents, with average fatalities listed as 19.38 per 100,000.

There are various types of car accidents, all of which can result in damage, injuries, or worse, a loss of life. Because of this, we ask that everyone should employ caution while driving on the road. Always be alert and conscious of other vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

Be wary of hazards such as fixed objects and animals, both of which are dangerous obstacles when struck. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to always drive sober, especially as alcohol is considered a factor in 30% of Kentucky car accident fatalities. By following these rules, we can ensure our own safety as well as the safety of others in our surroundings.

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