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Placing your trust in the hands of profit-motivated corporations can be a costly endeavor. While we as consumers hope that these corporations act in good faith and prioritize our safety above their bottom line, that isn’t always the case.

Unfortunately, the corporate cash-grab philosophy can be seen even in the medical industry. New drugs and medical devices are often promoted as lifesavers but the reality, however, is that time and time again these products turn out to be defective and dangerous. Rather than actually helping, these dangerous drugs and devices become detrimental to the health of the patients, causing serious injuries – and in some cases – even death.

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What You Should Know Regarding Dangerous Drugs & Devices

What You Should Know Regarding Dangerous Drugs & Devices

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 3 billion prescriptions are filled out by doctors on a yearly basis. Sometimes, those prescriptions are written for defective drugs and devices that may not work as intended, putting millions of patients at risk of suffering from severe and debilitating side effects and injuries.

Alarmingly, many people that are prescribed these medications or devices may be completely unaware of the dangers that using them poses.

If a drug was prescribed without adequate warning about its side effects—or prescribed in a wrong dosage—from the pharmaceutical companies that manufactured it, victims may need to file a product liability claim in order to seek out restitution. The same situation can happen with medical devices that have been surgically implanted into a patient. At times, these devices can move from the area they are intended to work in or may even cause other serious health-related side effects.

The following dangerous drugs have been subject to recalls and other lawsuits:

  • Accutane
  • Adderall
  • Botox
  • Celebrex
  • Chantix
  • Cipro
  • Gardasil
  • Heparin
  • Invokana, Invokamet, Invokamet XR
  • Levaquin
  • Neurontin
  • Ortho Evra
  • Paxil
  • Permax
  • Pradaxa
  • Talcum Powder
  • Taxotere
  • Testosterone Therapy
  • Valsartan
  • Viagra
  • Vioxx
  • Yaz/Yasmin
  • Zantac
  • Zelnorm
  • Zyprexa

Medical device manufacturers have also released their fair share of defective medical devices that have caused much harm and suffering—even death—for the patients they were intended to heal.

Some of these medical devices that have caused irreparable damage are:

  • Hernia Patches
  • Defective Knee Replacements
  • Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements
  • Transvaginal Mesh
  • IVC Filters
  • Faulty Pace Makers
  • Shoulder Pain Pumps

Overall, both dangerous drugs and devices can cause a multitude of injuries and side effects including but not limited to:

  • Heart Attacks
  • Strokes
  • Cancer
  • Birth Defects
  • Physical Debilitation
  • Death

We look to the FDA to keep us consumers safe from pharmaceutical companies looking to make a quick buck through poorly researched and manufactured drugs and medical devices. As noble of an organization as it is, the unfortunate truth, however, is that it is an imperfect system. Sometimes, the FDA will put a product on the “fast track” toward approval because of pressure from the manufacturer.

If you or someone you love has taken any of the above medications and suffered any of the dangerous side effects, illnesses, or injuries that are associated with them, you need to contact Minner Vines Moncus Injury Lawyers right away. You need unmatched representation to make these manufacturers understand the gravity of their negligent decisions.

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What Kind of Compensation Could I Qualify For?

By right of state and federal law, you have the power to seek out financial damages from the pharmaceutical manufacturers that sold you hazardous medicines and faulty medical devices. These kinds of damages vary according to the type of loss or physical, mental, and/or emotional injury sustained, including:

  • Pain and Suffering, Both Past and Future
  • Emotional Distress, Both Past and Future
  • Loss in Quality or Enjoyment of Life
  • Medical Expenses, Both Past and Future
  • Lost Wages and Loss of Future Earnings
  • Wrongful Death

If you have suffered any of the above losses because of an injury sustained from a dangerous drug or defective medical device, it is imperative that you reach out to the defective drug or medical device Kentucky lawyers of Minner Vines Moncus Injury Lawyers. Expect nothing less than an experienced legal team ready to fight vigorously for the results you deserve.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Injured by a Hazardous Drug or Faulty Medical Device?

If you have suffered any injury because of a dangerous drug or defective medical device, it is extremely important that you seek medical treatment immediately. You may have to be treated for any side effects or injuries that you have sustained, as well as monitored to avoid any further complications. Aside from improving your health, a hospital stay can generate receipts and incident reports that are crucial to winning your dangerous drug and device accident claim.

If you are dealing with a dangerous drug, ask your doctor FIRST to see if there are other options available. It is important to you remain on the health regiment your doctor has prescribed, as failing to take the prescribed medications may result in health issues as well.

Please do NOT throw away the medication that is causing your health issue. This is evidence that will be needed should you decide to file a claim against the liable party that caused your damages.

Next, you need to acquire the best legal representation you can get. Hiring highly skilled and experienced product liability attorneys is your key to developing a strong case.

Be aware that you have one (1) year in the State of Kentucky to file a personal injury, product liability, or wrongful death claim. Time is of the essence.

Normally, a class action lawsuit may have already been filed for those that have been injured by the medicinal drug or device. A class action lawsuit is a claim made by a group of people with a common interest—in this case, people hurt by the same drug or medical device that injured you. From there, you can claim your compensation if the case is won or settled, which often entails a large sum distributed among class members depending on the damages they sustained.

Let the product liability lawyers of Minner Vines Moncus Injury Lawyers do all of the legal heavy lifting while you recuperate from your traumatic accident.

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Why Choose the Product Liability Lawyers of Minner Vines Moncus Injury Lawyers?

If you suspect that your injury was caused by an unsafe drug or defective medical device, the law may be on your side. To determine liability and calculate the amount of compensation that you may be eligible for, recruiting the experienced defective drug or device attorneys of Minner Vines Moncus Injury Lawyers is your best bet.

We understand how all of the physical, mental, and emotional trauma sustained from such a traumatic injury can affect you and the ones you love. For decades, we have fought for our clients that have been taken advantage of, giving us a clear understanding of what victims typically go through.

However, we understand that every incident is different. That is why we have dug our roots deep into Kentucky, establishing key professional relationships with medical personnel, engineers, accident reconstruction specialists, and researchers to help us interpret medical records and research data in an effort to gain a better understanding of what you have suffered from as a result of the dangerous drug or defective medical device.

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