The Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport underwent a $200 million remodeling project and opened its first phase on March 13, 2013. However, nine days later, a flight information display collapsed, killing 10-year-old Luke Bresette and injuring his mother, Heather Bresette, and two brothers, Sam Bresette, 8, and Tyler Bresette, 5.

According to documents obtained by, designs for the flight information display evolved over two years, becoming narrower at its base and heavier on the front than initially intended, which experts say contributed to the display’s instability and ultimately led to the collapse. Some contractors reportedly expressed concerns about the stability of the displays during installation, but despite these warnings, the construction manager, Brasfield & Gorrie, installed them anyway. Since the accident, the Birmingham Airport Authority has removed the display and three others like it. The primary contractors involved in the display’s design, construction, and installation are continuing work on the $200 million terminal modernization project.

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